The idea of having a news-based feature website comes at a time when digital services are fast spreading around us. The competition is intense. By launching this website we want to establish a tradition of high-quality independent journalism combining editorial integrity and journalistic innovation. We are aware that millions of people around the world and particularly in Bangladesh are looking for an alternative that is truly independent, which offers reporting and lively commentary, and is all-embracing in its use of everything that the digital sphere has to offer. Our policy of independence comes with the strict principals of secularism and the highest regard for our sovereignty and the glorious chapters of our war of liberation. We want to be a part of the global development and democratization.
Things have not been smooth for the start of this humble endeavor. Bangladesh has yet to formulate a guideline on how a website should function. We contacted the Ministry of Information. Top officials there said they are in the process of putting together a policy on the issue. The best thing, we were advised, was to let the authorities know in writing about the launching of the site. Accordingly, we wrote a letter to the Secretary, Ministry of Information and got a copy stamped, acknowledging its receipt.
Thus the preparation went ahead. Finding an IT expert was the first priority. Then came the challenge of getting a logo by a professional designer. We motivated a team of youngsters to find all kinds of new ways to tell stories in Bangladesh.
We want to find all kinds of new ways to tell stories. This is such an exciting time to be launching reportsbd.com and we are ready to cover the issues that really matter to the country. We will connect our Bangladeshi audience to the global community, and give readers around the world a better understanding of this very significant nation.
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