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The contemporary fear of parents

Story and Photos by Emran Hossain Parents are now more worried than ever before; in addition to fighting the menace of drugs, they now face a new challenge: keeping children from being brainwashed into terrorism in the form of Islamic fundamentalism. Guardians are now facing this horrifying threat in the aftermath of the two suicide-styled […]

Reflections of the village dwellers

The opinions of Bangladeshi villagers on the Holey Artisan Bakery attack By Morshed Ali Khan   At a small village near Mangalmajir Bazar in Shariatpur, 70 kilometers south of the capital, across the river Padma, a dozen people sat lazily at a tea stall during the Eid holidays last week. Some of the men had […]

Gandamara: a tale of poverty, politics and thuggery  

Story and photos by Morshed Ali Khan In the agricultural expanse of the Gandamara union of Banshkhali, by the Bay of Bengal, men and women intently looked on as I walked on the muddy earthen road leading to the embankment, located a few kilometers away. The gazes from the anxious onlookers clearly indicated that my […]

Poisoning the population

Arsenic, salinity, iron and bacteria poison Bagerhat water   By Morshed Ali Khan, back from Bagerhat  Photographs by Syeda Farhana Arsenic, salinity, iron and bacterial pathogens have severely contaminated both the ground and surface water sources in the entire region of Bagerhat. Acute shortage of safe water in all the nine Upazilas (sub-divisions) of this […]

Noise Pollution: the silent killer

 By Morshed Ali Khan About forty families in two separate apartment blocks in Dhanmondi were in a dilemma. The entire one bigha plot next door was handed over to a developer. Soon the workers started demolishing the old two-story building manually. The hammering noise continued from early morning till late in the evening. Billowing dust […]

Gasping in Islamist horror

By Emran Hossain Moderate people throughout the country gasped in horror as the story of the double murder in Kalabagan in the capital unfolded last Monday. Half a dozen suspected Islamist militants, in this planned attack that lasted for only three minutes, tricked their way into the first floor apartment of the country’s leading gay rights […]

Serene Bagerhat reveals more saintly history

Archeologists in Bagerhat have dug out ancient relics of what they believe were places of residence of the 15th century saints who had settled down here. For years archeologists and historians had been in the dark about the lifestyle of the 15th century Islamic saints who had built at least 50 mosques and domes around this […]

The game of hadudu:

 A reflection of the heart and soul of rural Bangladesh The game is within their blood. The excitement centering around the recent grand finale was inescapable throughout the villages around Kawkhali, 230 kilometers south of Dhaka. Hadudu, (Bangladeshi version of Kabaddi) is a traditional game that for centuries has entertained and enthralled millions of Bangalees. […]

Unplanned Urbanisation

Facing the doom Uncontrolled urbanization of Dhaka, one of the fastest growing megacities in the world, is set to cause a devastating impact on the living conditions of millions of people. Dhaka is already listed as the world’s least livable city and experts fear, if unchecked, every citizen, rich or poor, young or old, shall […]

Eid ul Azha, nothing is wasted!

On one single day of Eid ul Azha, an estimated three million animals, mostly cows, are slaughtered in Bangladesh, the second largest Muslim country in the world after Indonesia. Probably nowhere in the world are so many cows sacrificed in such a short period of time. Next in line for the event come the sacrifices […]

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