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The Last of the Snake Charmers

Story and photos by Emran Hossain The fate and livelihood of traditional snake charmers (Sapure) are gradually becoming as endangered as their serpentine companions. Lately, thanks to a new law, many of these traditional snake catchers have been stripped of a livelihood that has been in their families for generations. The traditional snake charmers, commonly called […]

Sundarbans sullied by visitors’ rubbish

The forest department is in a dilemma over how to manage a huge volume of garbage littered by an increasing number of tourists visiting the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world. With the number of tourists increasing every year, Sundarbans faces the worst littering problem with discarded polythene bags, plastic and glass bottles […]

Mud eel hunters of Bangladesh

Ganesh has one of the strangest ways of making a living.  He traps gangetic mud eels, locally known as Kuicha. As he walks along the city’s peripheral villages, his eyes are fixed on the shallow fresh water along the roads. He occasionally wades into the water knowing exactly where he is going and picks up […]

Europe, America and now the elites of Bangladesh    

The illustrious sport of pigeon racing The Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain has an unusual fancy. She is an avid pigeon lover and keeps her racing pigeons at the Royal Lofts at Sandringham, where she owns a palace. Many other great names come up with the hobby of pigeon racing. They include Elvis Presley, […]

Hazaribagh Tanneries: An urban nightmare beyond imagination

The tanneries of Hazaribagh continue to pollute the air, land and water bodies in the southwestern parts of the city exposing millions of people to serious health hazards. The government’s relocation plan is progressing so sluggishly many fear that it would again miss the newly set deadline of 2016. The extent of pollution is so high […]

Sundarbans: Karamjal ranger saves the crocodiles

With a unique crocodile breeding program, a 46 feet high watch tower and a 1,800-meter long elevated walkway through the Sundarbans, Karamjal near Mangla is the most visited site in the mangrove forest of Bangladesh. Every year around 2,50000 visitors take the 40-minute trip on boats from Mangla to have a first hand experience of […]

Natural conch shells being plundered for profit

Tons of natural conch shells are now being extracted every day from the water bodies (haor and bils) of Bagerhat and Faridpur to sell as fish feeds across the districts. The indiscriminate extraction of these shells could lead to an ecological imbalance in these water bodies, which have been extremely rich in flora and fauna […]

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